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The mission of Informed Mortgage LLC is to continually improve the lending process, increase efficiency, transparency, and overall financial literacy for our clients. We pride ourselves on excellent custom service, education, communication, and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.


At Informed Mortgage LLC, we believe that advertising interest rates online should be illegal. The interest rate on your loan is based on many different variables. This makes it impossible to advertise a rate that applies to everyone. Low rates make for great online advertisements, but they always come with high fees and are extremely misleading and confusing.

Rather than spending millions on advertising low rates that most people won’t get, we invest in Decision First® underwriting to assess and approve each client’s unique scenario upfront, provide education and transparency on how interest rates work and offer custom-tailored guidance to meet your unique needs.

If the underwriting process uncovers any challenges, Informed Mortgage LLC’s Almost Home® program provides a clear course of action to get approved. Our professional mortgage loan originators will lay out a step-by-step plan to overcome any challenges and provide a full suite of pro bono mortgage consulting services to help you obtain the financing you need, no matter how long it takes.


Frequently Asked Questions!

Informed Mortgage LLC is not just a mortgage broker; it's your trusted partner in making well-informed financial decisions. What sets us apart from other mortgage brokers and financial companies is our unwavering commitment to educating our clients. We understand that securing a mortgage is not just about finding the lowest rate; it's about knowing how each component of your mortgage affects your financial future. With Informed Mortgage LLC, you gain access to a wealth of financial knowledge, personalized guidance on a wide array of program selections, rate negotiation, and the latest lending technologies. We bridge the gap in financial literacy, ensuring you are confident to make choices that align with your goals. At Informed Mortgage LLC, you don't just get a mortgage; you get a path to financial success and a partner who's dedicated to your long-term financial well-being.
Absolutely. Informed Mortgage LLC assists all clients by accessing a diverse group of mortgage products on your behalf from multiple lenders that cover a wide spectrum of financial and credit situations. We will shop the best loan options and programs for you, and provide education on each to secure the best fit. If you are not immediately approved through our Decision First® upfront underwriting program, we will provide a clear course of action through our Almost Home® program which includes pro-bono mortgage consulting services to help you overcome any challenges. Also, there is no cost or obligation to apply for a loan or work with one of our Mortgage Loan Originators.
During the process of completing an online loan application, you will be asked to register for our Consumer Connect Portal. The portal provides direct access to the loan file, the ability to upload and e-sign documents securely and loan status updates along the way. You can access the portal as often as you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as you progress through the loan process.
Most clients opt to begin the process online by completing a simple application. The entire process can be completed virtually via phone calls, text messages and emails. For clients who prefer to speak on the phone or meet face to face, arrangements can be made to meet with one of our local Mortgage Loan Originators either virtually or in-person. Whether you apply on-line or over the phone, a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator will guide you through the entire process, answer any questions you may have and keep you updated along the way!

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